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Sahl Hasheesh Rally

Sahl Hasheesh is getting in gear with the first-ever Sahl Hasheesh Rally 2017 taking place on November 24th and 25th. The weekend will feature an exciting 4x4 Obstacle Challenge along with tons of entertainment and more exciting rally raid challenges!

Sahl Hasheesh Fishing Tournament

Sahl Hasheesh will host the third annual Fishing Tournament which will bring the country's top anglers together for the largest and most exciting competition on the Red Sea.

Things To Do


Day or Night Sahl Hasheesh has an array of activities to choose from for all ages.  There’s something for everyone in our luxury destination.

Many Options To Choose From


If you’re coming with family or simply a couple wanting to enjoy some quiet time, you can choose from a variety of beautiful hotels or delicately furnished apartments.


When you want a home away from home, Sahl Hasheesh has many places to choose from... Enjoy all the comfort our projects have to offer.

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